Project Management

Project Management


One of ETI Tech's highly regarded strengths is their ability to bring all the elements of a turn-key project together when they are required.

This is a accomplished with a highly skilled staff of project engineers and program managers who have many years of experience in managing military projects. Provided below is a sample listing of project management services performed and offered by our project management team:

º SDRL/CDRL Preparation and Submittal
- Milestone Schedules/Critical Path Charts, Test Plans & Reports,
  Technical/Operational Manuals, Agendas & Meeting Minutes,
  Technical Data Packages, etc.

º Risk Management

º Subcontract Management

º Spare Parts Provisioning

º Tech Orders/TCTO
- Val/Ver, Kit Proofing

º Testing
- FF&F, Environmental, EMI/EMC, Proof Load, Simulation,
  Electrical, etc.

º Pass-Thru Procurements

º Technical Interchange Meetings

º Contract Administration