Company History

ETI Tech
Company History

ETI Tech has over 30 years of experience engineering, manufacturing, and assembling electromechanical flight hardware and ground support equipment solutions for the aerospace and military industries. Since the organization was founded, ETI Tech is proud to have been awarded many prestigious contracts with defense suppliers, including contracts to design and supply components for the F-16 and F-35 II Lightning aircrafts, as well as the Apache helicopter. As the company grew over the years and our team continued to develop leading airborne equipment, ground support equipment, and passenger seat configurations, ETI Tech became formally recognized as a top supplier by government agencies and major defense OEMs in the industry. In February 2017, ETI Tech, Inc. was acquired by Simon Group Holdings (SGH). The partnership and acquisition highlighted the remarkable growth of ETI Tech and the continued development of cutting-edge aerospace and defense hardware and equipment.

Today, ETI Tech continues to be recognized for superior products and excellence in service thanks to our diligent staff and their expertise. The organization is committed to continued investment in industry-leading technology and engineering capabilities to remain agile as new opportunities evolve within the industry.

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