Quality Management


To guarantee complete confidence in our solutions, ETI Tech certifies the performance of the end product through the controls of our Quality Management System (QMS).    Our organizational QMS controls include the activities (as applicable) to prevent the unintended use of obsolete documented information, protect against unauthorized changes, unintended alternations, loss, corruption, and physical damage:

  • Distribution, access, retrieval, use and control of documented information.
  • Storage and preservation, including preservation of legibility.
  • Document Version control of changes.
  • Record retention and disposition.
  • Etc.

Our dedication to quality, safety, risk mitigation, and compliance, etc. to our QMS system, as well as, the standards we apply to ourselves, is a reflection of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Commitment to

At ETI Tech, we are dedicated to fine-tuning our manufacturing process to ensure the quality of our electromechanical products. As a defense contractor, we know that our country’s armed service members depend on our electro-mechanical flight hardware and ground support equipment. Therefore, we hold our quality standards to the highest degree so that our products can be trusted to serve. At ETI Tech, we pride ourselves on knowing that our hard work in ensuring the dependability of our products, translates to the success of our military.

ETI Tech
Quality Policy

  • It is the policy of ETI Tech to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • We are customer oriented. We recognize it is vital to evaluate, communicate, develop, implement, monitor and create awareness of our quality objectives to improve our QMS and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our QMS to ensure customer satisfaction by focusing on our planning, results of our procedures and processes, and the evidence of our product quality while enhancing schedule and cost performance.
  • We continually provide education and training for all team members to understand and meet our quality objectives.
  • We recognize that the success of our QMS is vital for our competitiveness.

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Quality Certification

Our Solutions

To complement our electromechanical engineering expertise, ETI Tech offers a broad range of services to meet the needs of our aerospace and defense customers. Our industry-focused engineering experience informs our contract manufacturing and project management services of superior aircraft and ground support equipment. Discover ETI’s capabilities and how our commitment to excellence can help your organization move forward today.

Our manufacturing capabilities cover a range of products including cargo loaders for the KC-10, aircraft NVIS control panels, ground support and specifically designed maintenance tools, and more for multiple platforms.

We provide turn-key project support with phases involving PDR, CDR, SDRL, CDRL, SOW Proposals, SAR packages, R&M, product design, manufacturing, testing, and logistics support.

Our supplier network, internal manufacturing processes, and quality systems ensure lean manufacturing and expedient cycle times.

Explore how our dedication to quality, safety, risk mitigation, compliance, and dependability drives our standard of excellence for customer satisfaction.

ETI delivers substantial engineering expertise from concept development and prototyping to custom solution production.

Engineering Competitive Advantages for Flight Hardware & Ground Support