Because of our in-depth aerospace and defense manufacturing experience of over 30 years, ETI Tech is able to design custom engineered applications to meet our customers’ exact specifications. Our intimate knowledge and understanding of various aircraft and ground support vehicle platforms provides us a solid foundation to innovatively concept and design a solution that will integrate seamlessly and make the difference in your application.

Custom Engineered

Whether you require upgrades to a standard component or legacy program, or require a custom-designed solution based on your concept and vision, ETI Tech can create it. Our extensive manufacturing operations allow for quicker lead time to market and expedient delivery, so you can reduce your system downtime faster. Contact our dedicated team to learn how ETI Tech can design a custom electromechanical flight hardware or ground support equipment solution to meet your needs.

Custom Solutions

ETI Tech’s custom engineered airborne products and ground support equipment are a cost-effective investment as a result of their precise design, remarkable reliability, and long product lifespan. These custom, high-quality components are specifically designed to improve the effectiveness and usability of your application. Our in-house capabilities and expertise eliminate wasted time and money spent at multiple production process points, ensuring your solution is delivered on time.

Our design-focused engineering methodology makes anything possible. Imagine the value opportunity.

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