What Drives ETI Tech?

Our Mission

The mission of ETI Tech is to support our aerospace and defense partners while continuously enhancing the value we provide our customers. We aim to differentiate ourselves by delivering exceptional solutions through a fervent commitment to quality, safety, and compliance. We’re proud of our country and are honored to play an important role within the aerospace and defense industry.

Our commitment to the future of ETI Tech includes:

  • Expanding our business and product offerings in defense and commercial aerospace
  • Further enhancement of our manufacturing and quality management capabilities
  • Continued investment in company culture to improve employee opportunities and accomplishments
  • Outreach for partnership opportunities amongst complimentary businesses with similar cultures
  • Always remaining devoted to our mission


ETI Tech was a proud participant in the Lockheed Martin Ethics Supplier Mentoring Program, receiving recognition for our ethical practices and standards. Explore our Code of Ethics below.

Code of Ethics


At ETI Tech, we strive to create a rewarding and fulfilling work environment based upon teamwork, respect, and personal and professional growth. By developing a company culture focused on these principles, we can then provide our customers with high-quality products and engineering solutions on time, all the time. Additionally, our strong company culture empowers our committed team to add value at every step of the process by partnering with our customers’ procurement specialists and engineers, to become a seamless extension of their organizations. Our culture is at the core of our mission to go above and beyond for our valued customers and partners.


The core values of ETI Tech form the strong foundation on which our company culture is built. Our management and staff embrace passion and the pursuit of excellence in what we do. We maintain that the keys to our success are humility, respect, accountability, and perseverance. We strive to learn something new every day, to keep our minds sharp and embrace change as the opportunity for improvement. At ETI Tech, we strive to do it right every time and focus on solutions, not problems.

Meet Our Leadership Team

ETI Tech

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