ETI Tech is committed to the highest standard of industry safety and quality assurance. This dedication supports our ability to properly supply our customers with the most reliable aerospace and defense solutions possible, within projected timelines and budgets. ETI Tech is certified by the following government and non-government organizations, accrediting the excellence of our aerospace and defense Quality Management Systems.


Eagle Certification Group is an accredited ISO certification body that has been responsible for validating quality, environmental, health, and safety management systems within a variety of industries since 1994. ETI Tech is proud to have our Quality Management System certified by Eagle, and thus be able to offer our customers trusted solutions certified to their robust standards.

Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP)

The Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) is a cooperative program bringing together corporate and government organizations to reduce or eliminate expenditures of resources through transparency and the sharing of technical information. ETI Tech is a proud participant in the GIDEP and is committed to collaborative information exchange with our partners.


For additional information on how ETI Tech’s notable industry certifications are valuable to your organization or project, contact us below. We look forward to providing you with unmatched service and product quality.

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